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Sergey "ST" Chernenkov - competent Oil & Gas Wells Completion, Workover, Well Intervention and Integrity Engineer, Advisor, Coach, Manager


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ST Consulting is not an incorporated company as one might think...

ST Consulting is my "business name" as derived years ago from initial spelling of the name in passport - Sergei Tchernenkov. With year passed, my name is printed now as Sergey Chernenkov, and this difference only linked to particularities of cyrillic alphabet.

I am a Well Interventions' Engineer and Manager, with quater-century work experience, and international exposure from 1997.

More can be found on my LinkedIn page. 

I feel that my previous experience in the broad range of well completion, interventions, testing and stimulation, with experience in Well Performance optimization make me a good asset for many jobs related to Well Engineering.

I know that my interpersonal skills, recognized mentoring experience, and long exposure to the multinational work groups will assure my suitability into the working environment of any Company. The additional certifications as OSH Manager, Supervisor, Trainer and my personal dedication to HSE is highly valuable to any company in modern E&P industry.

I proudly present my latest CV for your considerations, which shows my 25 years experience in the E&P industry (download PDF or view online). 

I will also be happy to connect to you on LinkedIn, where you will find several recommendations from my former colleagues and managers displayed my profile

Additional references may be obtained from most recent referees upon request.

I would like to draw your attention that some of my qualifications are supported with copies of the corresponding certificates that you may find on the web page 
ST Certificates.
The additional older recognition letters are also displayed at the page ST Recognition Letters.

I am looking forward to hear from you in the near future, and will try to clarify any questions you possibly may help in respects of my qualifications and intentions. 

I am a member of SPE International, and participate in other professional communities such as Energy Institute UK, Oil-and-Gas-Online, Russian Oil Forum, ICoTA, and many others. 

In 2008 I had received the recognition letter and prize award from SPE Board of Directors for the active participation in SPE eMentoring Program.

For more details on developed software, downloads and other documents, go to corresponding pages.

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